The Jamia college of Pharmacy came into existence as a realization of dream of our Honorable Chairman Maulana Gulam Mohammad Vastanvi Sahab (Akkalkuwa) to impart quality professional education in rural villages.
The abysmal condition of the Akkalkuwa a remote village of Nandurbar Dist. inspired the founder and Director of JamiaIslamiaIsha-atulUloom to establish The JAMIA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY. After its inception in the year 2003, its activities were extended to wider areas. Jamia college of Pharmacyhas been the realization of the dreams of millions of exploited and downtrodden masses in the rural areas. Its years of working there emerged new concepts of development and development strategies. The participatory development process that gained momentum could effect transformation in the attitudes and approaches and living conditions of the people. The whole focus of attention, in this development process has been the man. The effort has been to shatter the shackles of enslavement and to free man from dehumanizing conditions and to place him again as the crown of creation by empowering him to lead a meaningful life.
The committed service of our staff was remarkable in making our steps stronger and impact deeper. In the untiring efforts of the Jamia college of Pharmacy , with the people to empower them to carve their destiny, the support of all government and non-government agencies, national and international organizations and individuals were substantial.

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